An Introduction


It really is a big relief to finally be able to share one of my new songs, although not the album version ….  I feel this is a great introduction.

It’s raw, its real, its just the song and nothing else.

Although it may have seemed from my online activity that my album was done and dusted in 13 days back in March, that unfortunately is not the case. Life got in the way, as it sometimes does and its still got some work to go.

To be honest, I’m totally fine with that. I am in no rush. If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s to stop being so hard on myself. It’s very easy in the music industry to feel overwhelmed and panic that things aren’t happening fast enough or that you’re not putting enough work in or that you’re not achieving as much as you had thought you would by this stage. It is totally head wrecking and it hasn’t done me any favours.

I’ve made a great album that I am extremely proud of and it needs some finishing touches and that’s going to take some time. I’m writing this as much for me as for anyone else reading it, haha!!!

So my decision was to make an acoustic video of one of the songs to share as an introduction of sorts, a taster….. as the rest of it is going to be awhile!!!

The wonderful Christian Tierney came on board and shot this video for me. What an absolute talent, I really admire his work and think he’s set for big things! I’m so happy we were able to shoot this.

I choose this song because, well, its a key one for me. I’ve literally ripped a page out of my diary and put it in a song for you. Its not my usual approach to songwriting, I’ve never been so “bold” with lyrics (for lack of a better explanation) before. I wrote it for myself to begin with and never thought of using it, but then said fuck that.

It’s just honest.

This week is a busy one….

Tuesday July 26th – I will be chatting to Pat Kenny on Newstalk from 11am and playing a few songs.

Thursday July 28th – I am playing a full set with a full band in Sin É, Dublin, as part of the “Secret Sessions” being run by Kentucky Brews!

Sunday July 31st – I am playing at Indiependence Festival in Cork! 

And after all that is done I am getting straight on a plane and going away for a month which I am extremely excited about. You shall not be hearing from me until I get back…..

…….and that is why I shall leave you with this!