Day 3.


So. Somehow the time has come around and I am in fact recording an albums worth of music. I genuinely wasn’t sure if this was ever going to happen.

I have two 5 track EP’s out already and they have taken over the last two years of my life musically. They were so much fun to make, here in London. So I’m so happy that I’m back over, with the same amazing team, Sean Genockey and John Hogg. And we’re going for it this time…….

Challenge – under three weeks to write and record a ten track album.

Day 3 and all is going well but I won’t lie, feeling some serious pressure. But I work well under pressure so hopefully some magic will happen!!!

I was lucky that the last two months were spent living in a house with the set up that you can see in the above picture and I was able to lay down some songs that I’m really happy with. Writing songs on a real Rhodes is the way forward

This week is going to be full on but we have some cracking songs already.

Feeling excited, anxious, creative, nervous, pressurised but happy, very very happy.

Some photos so far….Sean is still at his studio yoga.